Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mama, why is the sun hot?

If you aren't familiar with They Might Be Giants and their "Here Comes Science" album, it's time to hop on board!  Of course, they've done lots of kid albums, but there is just something about their quirky, punky rhythms and lyrics that have always cheered me up.  And I'm a grown up.  My husband thinks he would have gotten a lot more out of school if they'd taught science through songs like this... I tend to agree!   June loves "the sun song" and so do we.  So we had to share one of favorite creative ways to teach using story and song with you all.  Enjoy our science lesson for the week.  Oh- you can get the album on i-tunes and see more of the videos on YouTube.

Monday, March 1, 2010

"O" is for Octopus

This week we embark on the adventure the letter "O!"  In my homeschool, we usually do two letters a week (mostly as a review for my pre-reader).  I enjoy picking out special books for the letter of the day and hiding them until the day they are to be unveiled.  This Wednesday we will be cutting out a capital "O" and small "o" to glue on a page, then we add stickers, glue pictures and write the words that we can think of that start with "o."  Then we will learn about Octopuses and the Ocean in general as well as owls and the color orange.  We will make yarn octopuses as well as doing some pre-writing activities (dot-to-dot, this week).  There is a plethora of great resources online for such things, but nothing beats a good book in the hand.

Along with few great books I ordered from the library, and one or two I had on hand (Owl Moon, of course!), I also plan to incorporate Barefoot Books' brand new Octopus Opposites.  Barefoot Books always does such a great job of introducing educational themes in a creative way.  I'm grateful to be part of such a great company!  Hey- you can be, too!  Right now is a great time to join us as an Ambassador.  Sell books, buy them for yourself at a discount, and make a little cash on the side.  Or forge ahead into a business that can supplement your family's income.  It costs zero dollars to sign up as an Ambassador- this company allows you to invest, grow and build your business at whatever pace feels right for you.  Click on the banner, below to find out more.  Join my team and enjoy all the benefits of living Barefoot with me by your side!