Thursday, May 14, 2009

Go Barefoot! Ir descalzo hoy!

Are you wanting to introduce the kids in your life to a little multiculturalism? Time to "Ir Descalzo" con "Barefoot Books!" Those of you who also live in small towns know how challenging it is to find ways to introduce other cultures to our kids. Barefoot Books offers a huge variety of books about other parts of the world. We have a great selection of books about Africa, Asia, Latin America, China, India and the middle east. Recently at an event someone asked me about books specifically geared towards multiculturalism. Our Barefoot collection of books in Spanish came to mind first. Our sing-along books, like "Cha-Cha-Cha en la Selva" (Animal Boogie) and "Mira Quien Toca Calipso" (Creepy, Crawly Calypso) are an easy and fun way to introduce your children to the Spanish language. And you can learn the songs along with them! We also have many other Spanish language books available on my website. The best news of all is that we may soon have some books translated into French! As Barefoot Books grows, so does our passion for multiculturalism, global understanding, and our role as caretakers of the planet and our children. Go Barefoot! Ir descalzo, hoy!

Some other fun ways to introduce your kids to cultural diversity:

  • Make a trip to a big city for a cultural festival. While you're there, make it a point to have some cultural experiences. Visit ethnic neighborhoods, try their food, listen for other languages being spoken and teach your kids to seek out experiences that are unfamiliar.
  • Plan a cultural "stay-cation." Do some research on a particular culture. Borrow books, make costumes, and cook food that reflect that culture. Involve your kids and have a party! Invite friends and make it a community event. (check out our "Mama Panya's Pancakes" for a great Africa-themed book with lots of great food ideas!)
  • Your local library probably has travelogues or at least videos of journeys to far away places. Surprise your family by renting one and having a movie night around that video instead of the usual Hollywood blockbuster.
  • Consider hosting a foreign exchange student in your home. If your kids are old enough to hang out with them, this is a particularly rich experience, for the whole family.

Go Barefoot at Enjoy!

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