Saturday, September 26, 2009

Live Local, Love Local!

There was sad news in our town, today. Our local children's museum doesn't have the funding required to continue. This makes me a little angry, people! It's past time for us to band together; we are moms, husbands, sisters, cousins and friends and we are all neighbors. We need to support the institutions and non-profits that matter in our lives! Even the most solid organizations are suffering right now. Who sponsors those free craft days in the park? Who puts children's activities at every family-friendly festival? Find out, and show them some love this week! Free advertising on your blog, an event that highlights or raises money for them, or just a shout-out on Facebook can make a big difference in our small world. Nuts and bolts ideas? Here's one: I'd love to help you organize an online fundraiser using Barefoot Books. I can donate up to 25% of online sales towards the organization of your choice... just contact me and I'll get to work for your community! It's never too late to see how one person can make a difference. Now go, make magic happen!

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