Monday, February 28, 2011

A visit to my kitchen

The heart of our home is definitely the kitchen.  Our house is small and the kitchen is constantly inhabited.  Sometimes children are eating or playing with playdoh.  Usually I'm cooking something in there that involves chopping a crazy amount of vegetables, but my husband also loves to live in our kitchen.  His great culinary passions are cake and beer.  Yes.  Cake and beer.  He studied Chemistry in college and seems to enjoy the precise work involved in these two activities.

My style is completely opposite.  I never use a recipe.  I enjoy creating something out of food.

He always uses a recipe, at least the first few times he makes something.  He will practice over and over again to make sure he gets it exactly right.  His famous Buckwheat Pancakes are truly amazing because of this character trait.

Our little Grace-girl loves to help.  Most kids get excited about the same things as their parents.  We have lots of fun together. 

When things go well in our kitchen, it is when we all work together.  The girl helps.  I get to decorate the cake.  We all enjoy sharing it with friends.  Here is some fruit of our kitchen labor.

 Thanks for drooling.  I know I still do!  When it comes down to it, I want my kids to know what it means to cook from scratch.  Whether it's soup, cake or just smoothies, my kids definitely know the joy of home-made.

Monday, February 7, 2011

When Home and School Play Nice

This morning we did:
  • cuddle on the couch
  • eat breakfast
  • practice a reading lesson on the couch for 1/2 an hour
  • enjoy an hour-long math lesson armed with only a Magna Doodle and some legos (it also involved jumping on the couch) 
  • work on making valentines
This morning we did not:
  • wake up to an alarm clock (who needs one when you have a baby?)
  • drag the baby out of bed in the middle of a nap to go somewhere
  • get dressed before 10 am
  • watch t.v. 
I'm not saying all this to gloat.  Some days are pure chaos with temper tantrums, tears, and tyrannical tendencies.  Some days it's all I can do to get the movie turned on and the kid parked in front of it before I collapse on the couch for a few more minutes of sleep.  I write the encouraging days down to give me something hopeful to read on those days.  I hope you have happy days to reflect on, as well!  Share them so you don't forget!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When does mommy read?

I laughed at myself, today, when I realized I have a book hidden in every room of this house.  You never know when you might have a moment to escape!  I spend a lot of time talking on this blog about what I'm reading to my kids.  Well, here's what I am reading these days:
  • In the Bathroom:  There's always a Time magazine or National Geographic nearby when I need my space.  However, this week I've found myself reviewing an old favorite:  Dr. Sears' The Baby Book: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby form Birth to Age Two.  It's such a great book!  I know I can look it up online, but sometimes it's nice to look in a book.
  • In Bed: I've been keeping my Kindle by my bed.  Currently I'm reading Dan Brown's new book.  It's all fun, people.  I don't believe a word of it.  :)
  • By the couch: I'm catching up on a book I should have read a long time ago.  It's called Ptarmigan Telegraph.  It's about the history of Christian radio station KICY, in Nome, AK.  My maternal grandfather was instrumental in starting the station, so it's fun to read about it.
  • In the office:  It's all business in here.  If I have a moment to read when I'm not at the computer, I'm reviewing the book I'm using to teach June to read, The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading.  I don't use it as a textbook, more just a guide.  Works great for me!  Or I'm checking in with other homeschooling books I like (check out my homeschooling tab on this blog)
  • In the kitchen: I'm always reading a cookbook or two.  The Vegetarian Epicure, or The Super Baby Food book.  Of course, my Bible lives in the kitchen, too and I steal my moments with it, when I am able.
 What are you reading, friends?  I'd love to hear what reading material sits by your bed, or on your kitchen table.