Monday, February 7, 2011

When Home and School Play Nice

This morning we did:
  • cuddle on the couch
  • eat breakfast
  • practice a reading lesson on the couch for 1/2 an hour
  • enjoy an hour-long math lesson armed with only a Magna Doodle and some legos (it also involved jumping on the couch) 
  • work on making valentines
This morning we did not:
  • wake up to an alarm clock (who needs one when you have a baby?)
  • drag the baby out of bed in the middle of a nap to go somewhere
  • get dressed before 10 am
  • watch t.v. 
I'm not saying all this to gloat.  Some days are pure chaos with temper tantrums, tears, and tyrannical tendencies.  Some days it's all I can do to get the movie turned on and the kid parked in front of it before I collapse on the couch for a few more minutes of sleep.  I write the encouraging days down to give me something hopeful to read on those days.  I hope you have happy days to reflect on, as well!  Share them so you don't forget!


Makita said...

Love it!

Tiffany said...

Sounds like a fabulous day. Definitely one to document! Praying for more of those for you and me. xo