Friday, March 18, 2011

Story + Story = Math lesson

It's no secret that I prefer storybooks to textbooks.  The classical style of education tends to appeal to me because of it's inherent ability to steer clear of textbooks. Of course, there is a time and place for textbooks, but I don't see the point when you're home educating a four year old.   So, recently I found myself seriously lacking passion for teaching math concepts.  I mean- it's pretty easy stuff, but it takes time to soak in.  Addition, subtraction, counting by 2s, 10s and 20s... ordination, patterns, etc.  SO.  I did what I always do- fled to the library for help.  Gotta love the juvenile non-fiction stacks.
The Mission Of Addition by Brian P. Cleary (in his "categorical" series) is a wonderful example of introducing addition to young kids and older kids who need a reminder of the basics.  Cleary has written dozens of great books that teach solid concepts through story.  

Subtraction Action, by Loreen Leedy, is a great story about ways we use subtraction in the everyday world.  Leedy also wrote a book about addition, among others,  but I haven't had a chance to use it, yet.

Oh- and I'll let you in on my last secret.  I love to do an entire day of homeschooling with a stack of books from the library and a magnadoodle.  For math we sometimes play "copy-cat."  I write an equation and she copies it and figures out the answer.  She can use her fingers, legos, toys, blocks, anything to add and subtract.  The more we go over these basic equations, the more she remembers the answers without having to figure them out every time. 

So, math is fun, again.  Next week we're revisiting telling time.  And another study on money is coming up, soon.  I'll let you know how the magnadoodle thing works out when we get to algebra.

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