Thursday, June 10, 2010

Homeschool Activities in Central Oregon

This is a comprehensive list of all the activities available to homeschooling kids in Central Oregon as shared by homeschoolers who live here. I've included links, where available.  Below the list I've also included a wish-list, and a listing of the co-ops and active support groups here in Central Oregon.  This information was gleaned from a survey of nearly 100 families in Central Oregon who currently home educate.  If you see anything I missed, please comment and I'll add it in!  Enjoy!   These are all Local Resources, except one or two that are online only, but important enough to include, here.  I hope you will share this list with others!  Enjoy!


Wish List (as wished for by my local home educators):

  • Gathering space (specifically for homeschool events)
  • Homeschool Resource Library
  • Homeschool Resource Store
  • Math Club (my husband tutors upper-level math and may be interested in getting this started)
  • Museums (more and better)
  • State funding for the arts
  • Support groups for specific styles of teaching (I.e. Charlotte Mason, Waldorf, etc.)
  • Symphony Halls (more and better)
  • Tutoring Center
Local Coops and Support Groups:


Anonymous said...

Great list Tori! I'll be consulting it often.

Thru a Tori-lens said...

Thanks, friend! I just felt like there ought to be a list, somewhere, ya know? :)