Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer School and Flowers, too!

Summer School on the deck
Don't freak out.  We don't force school all summer long. Grace-girl really wanted to learn about plants and flowers and how they work.  I knew she was ready for an in-depth study that was more than pretty pictures and fun books from the library.  We've planted seeds, watched them grow, learned basic plant stuff and now we were ready to tackle flowers and pollination.  SO I put together a lapbook, of course!

We had several books from the library about plants and flowers and especially about bees and pollination.  But the best resource I used was Anna Comstock's The Handbook of Nature Study.  This one book has been my go-to resource for so many science questions (you can see it on my patio table in the picture above).  We could have spent days reading about flowers and pollination and different types of asexual reproduction, but we moved on to completing the lapbook.
Lapbook with closed elements
I didn't find a free lapbook I loved for this topic, so I took things from many places.
Lapbook with open elements
This place has tons of great mini-book and foldy fun stuff for lapbooks.  Great for making up your own stuff, which is what I wound up doing for some of this lapbook.
Sunflower Growth Mini-book.  1 inch per day.  Wow.

Simple wheel book describing a plant life-cycle
Grace-girl loves sequencing, so I just had to turn this mini-book into a sequencing activity.
The Itsy-Bitsy Seedling accordion fold
 And I wanted to find a way to use some pressed flowers from our own garden.
A math/measuring mini-book
 It is really amazing how much a five year old can memorize and retain.  She loved this project and actually learned and remembered the inner-workings of a flower and the purpose for each part.
The back of the lapbook.  She assembled this by herself.
 My favorite little element from this lapbook was a special poem that Grace-girl wrote a couple months ago.  (She narrated, I wrote).  I kept it and did this little petal-fold piece to surprise her.  She loved it.

"The Seed"

When the walls grow and sprout
The little people come about
And when the walls get all tattered and torn
and fall off
Then the people find another home.

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