Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fun With Worms- And Other Invertebrates!

In our Classical Conversations Curriculum, week 5, we memorized the major groups of invertebrates.

I saw this fun project, somewhere on Pinterest and had to try it.

Grace-girl- proud of her tapeworm.  Hmm... never thought I'd say that sentence.
Ew.  A little too realistic for me.
The girls had SO much fun and it was one of those rare moments when the project appealed to both ages (kind of hard usually with the 4 year age spread).
Worms were the easiest. 

Baby Rain is SO proud of her sea star (she got to use a cookie-cutter)!
This project also appealed to mommy because it takes ZERO prep work.  I literally pulled the plates out of the cupboard and drew pictures on them as the girls were getting the playdoh stuff out.

Just a little glimpse into a fun day of home education.  By the way, notice how you can't see the sink full of dishes or the piles of laundry in the corner.  Priorities, people. 

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Wendy said...

Totally fun! We hit the vertebrates tomorrow but I'll do this project on one of our review days! We have three boys and so many of our projects involved dead animals they find on the property. I prefer play dough!